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22 Apr

The current Covid-19 pandemic problem analysis in Uganda

Since the pandemic outbreak, the Government of Uganda has announced several measures to curb this problem. These are good for the prevention of the pandemic spread however they have affected the citizens negatively the fact that most Ugandans live a “hand to mouth” life, they earn and eat on a daily basis. Therefore if they don’t work a single day, they will hardly find something to eat. This has left most households starve during this lockdown irrespective of the government’s effort to provide some food relief which is concentrated in the urban towns of Kampala, Wakiso, Mpigi and thus not being enough to all that are in need. The government has banned public transport and non-food markets. Prior to that it had closed all bars and including a nighttime curfew, banning the use of all privately-owned vehicles, and closing shopping malls and non-food stores for 35 days. This has affected Urban & rural citizens who rely on small scale businesses and agricultural products.

Uganda just like other countries globally, women have been prone to increased Gender based Violence (GBV) evidenced by several news items on local radio stations, TV and print media. There is need to also address this amidst food relief.


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